Diablo III

The third installment of the action role-playing series Diablo


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  • Category Role Playing
  • Program license Paid
  • Size 7.34 MB
  • Works under: Windows Vista
  • Program available in English
  • Program by Blizzard Entertainment

A third person dungeon crawler with excellent production value.

Diablo III is the third installment of the popular third person dungeon crawler from Entertainment super star Blizzard Entertainment. The game show cases Blizzard's excellent production value and cut scenes coupled with strong story telling and great game play. Players pick from a variety of classes (male and female options for each) from the melee heavy barbarian to the spell slinging wizard and the tricky double crossbow wielding Demon Hunter. Each class has unique play style and skill set to do one single solitary thing: kill as many demons as possible and gather as much high quality gear as you can. Blizzard does a great job of giving hundreds of ways to do this in stylistic and ingenious ways. Whether your style is to wade head long into battle with charges or area of effect jumps ( Barbarian ) or summoning minions and then setting them on fire ( Witch Doctor ), there is something to appeal to everyone.

Game Play

If you've played Diablo before, you'll see definite recurring themes. Get a full third person view of your personalized character as you tackle puzzles, explore dungeons and combat demons while leveling up your character, gaining skills and gathering the best gear you can to tackle even harder opponents. The game is click heavy, but that's nothing new either. If you want to do anything in the game, clicking on it will probably do it. Move to a location, fighting enemies and opening up chests are all done by clicking. Skills are chained to buttons on the keyboard, usually, or can be mapped to your favorite game pad or gaming mouse.


Whatever your opinions of any Blizzard game, no one can fault them for presentation value. theater quality cut scenes, expert story telling and amazing visuals will keep pulling you back for more blood and gore. Variety of enemies, puzzles, and randomly generated sub bosses and dungeons layouts adds tremendous replay value; you'll never play the exact same dungeon twice. Effects are amazing and fluent. Diablo 3 is an extremely polished game.


  • Great production value
  • Variety of classes and skills making thousands of combinations
  • Randomly generated dungeons and enemies ensures you'll play through again


  • Gear based skill potency means grinding lower levels for rare equipment is essential to be successful in later levels, and may become tedious
  • Lots of clicking, LOTS of clicking
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